Jettison Experiment | The Blueprint // art direction,
photography, graphic design
This is an apprehension of blind faith. It’s about following your nose. It’s about doing really, really good work. It’s about that guy looking over your shoulder not being there anymore. It’s the last bit of patience. It’s about jettisoning the baggage off a sinking ship. It’s about nostalgia for the real legends. It’s about money in the sense that money could be a skateboard. It’s a physical embodiment of what happens when you try.

Brand & product creation exercise. Study of output in compressed timeline without creative barriers & traditional stakeholders. Low art combined with premium product materials and handmade aesthetic. Emphasis on using the tools available with apprehension of complicating process. Work performed in a rented storage space wedged between two surfboard glassing shops.

Creative Direction, Product Design: Seth Neville