Osprey Outdoor Retailer Winter Tradeshow Booth Reskin // creative direction, experience design, graphic design
Experience for Osprey’s reskin of their tradeshow booth for Winter Outdoor Retailer. Concept rooted around black and white halftone landscape photographs providing subtle context of each product’s intended use. Theme of each new product offering concievably fitting into a different piece of a single person’s busy life. Halftones and grays represent the fast and sometimes blurry consequence of living a full life at a fast pace.

Additional stories include two product development pieces- a sketch compilation of a designer’s quest for a perfect pack and a video and display piece of the many details going into creating a climbing pack. Additional interactive element- ‘claw machine’ filled with product from Osprey and other brands, with proceeds benefitting the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

Experience Collaboration, Select Graphic Design: Mika Parajon