Stio // art direction, branding, logo design, digital design
Art direction & logo design for a new ski/snowboard freeride collection by Stio called Figment. 

The goal was to explore the idea of big mountain lines being creative expressions and unique to the individual, as well as limitless in how they may be seen and interpreted.

Also part of the brief was a request to explore the lines and angles present in the actual patterns of the product and use that exploration as a basis for the branding.

The end result is a form based on shapes found in the product that represents mountains in abstraction both from above and the side, including soft and sharp ridges, peaks and valleys. The longer one looks at it the more it changes, adding and removing depth and scale, mimicking an imagimation in two dimensions.

The main logomark is paired with a wordmark based on the core Stio brand, modified to evoke playfulness, a reminder that dreams are fun.

Please reach out for full positioning/process.

Creative Direction: Brendan Levine