the order of mu // creative direction, graphic design
Those among us familiar with the story of mu know it as a mysterious 19th century lost continent that spanned a large section of the Pacific Ocean before it vanished beneath the waves and its inhabitants fled to refuge all over the rest of the world.

Despite debate around who those inhabitants were, the reality is that mu was run by a small group of monsters led by a roundish creature who carried about a balloon as a symbol of the monsters’ mortality- the thing could pop at any time, and would eventually deflate and fade away regardless. The order of mu was simple: Real fun is both heaven and hell. It’s doubt mixed with elation, the panic of being hopelessly lost and the reliable faith that it will always work out, a screaming sunrise at the tail end of hysteria. Finding it was a matter best not left to the faint of heart.

When mu collapsed the scattered monsters found themselves in a world filled with robotic creatures unsympathetic to their ways. Desperate to find each other and for a homeland to recreate their order, the monsters slowly disappeared.

Word has it that mu stands once again, the monsters’ order intact. Its sentry is their leader, balloon still in hand. You’ll see it first if you ever get close.

Our hope is that whenever our roasts are enjoyed they remind folks of the monsters’ mantra, the order of mu. Fun is king, don’t look back.