the order of mu // creative direction, graphic design
Brand development for independent coffee label. Smooth, modern, toy-like forms contrasted with raw adventure & photography. Philosophy & values-driven branding.  


mu is a coffee brand with a manifesto.

we run a small-batch commercial roastery where we produce world-class single-origin coffee.

the name mu comes from a lost continent that allegedly sank sometime in the early 1900s and in the present day is admittedly nowhere to be found. no one knows who lived there or if it even existed at all. in our minds it was a place filled with fun-hog monsters, led by a colossus who carried around a balloon as a symbol of ultimate mortality, a flag of unreliability in the world around us, a reminder that today’s life is tomorrow’s death. The occupants of mu were heathens but followed a prevailing order:

fear nought suit
all ships rise
don’t look back

it meant put on your suit and be invincible, welcome and empower all, and don’t dwell on where you’ve already been.

each roast is crafted with this manifesto in mind, for the open road and wherever it takes you.