the order of mu // creative direction, graphic design, illustration 
Brand development for independent coffee label. Smooth, modern, toy-like forms contrasted with raw adventure & photography. Philosophy & values-driven branding.  


the story of mu is a wandering chronicle of a lost land, a sunken continent that mysteriously vanished and has long been written off as impossible.

it’s this concept that inspires us, the daydream that there’s always something left to be discovered, that maybe mu is still out there just waiting to be found again. we picture it as a playground hidden in plain sight, populated by heathens and led by a colossus who preaches an order: fear nought, don’t look back. In other words, be fearless, show up, and imagine who you could be, not who you were.

it also drives our affinity to coffee, which remains a dark art of sorts. its production, sourcing, and profiling is unstructured and rogue, a constant reminder that when faced with a little risk it’s way less rewarding to constantly hedge your bets. we make it for the square pegs, the wanderlusts and the never-say-nevers.

we haven’t found mu yet, but finding it isn’t the point.

the point is the dream.