the order of mu // creative direction, graphic design
Brand development for independent coffee label. Smooth, modern, toy-like forms contrasted with raw adventure & photography. Philosophy & values-driven branding.  


mu is a coffee company and a vehicle of modern escapism, based on the legend of a sunken continent that most folks say never existed in the first place. We say what if it did, or better yet what if it still does, and take it a step further- mu was a place filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes focused only on modern means of fun - skating, surfing, drawing, camping, riding bikes and motorcycles and the like. They were led by a little monster who carried around a balloon as a flag of unreliability in the world around us, a reminder that today’s life is tomorrow’s death, and preached an order- fear nought suit, don’t look back. It meant put on your suit and show up and be invincible and focus forward, never on what’s behind you.

Each cup of mu is an invitation to join the fun, and to chase what you’re looking for and revel in the process- a daily reminder that time is short and the day ahead is meant to be fun.